Creating stunning websites

We help companies to build their dream site. As freelancers we have higher flexibility, you will communicate with the experts handling your development directly, eliminating unnecessary middle-man miscommunication.

Personalised Service

Delivering solutions customized to your needs.

In this day and age we are able to leverage benefits from many service providers across the world, you no longer have to pay for everything.

We deliver not only the website, but also helping you with other business needs, such as email setup, and live chat plugin for small team, using free service providers.

Over 10 years of experience.


Manual Coding

Issue with CMS? Overloaded with functionalities, overly complicated, tons of library to process, impacting loading time thus lowered SEO ranking.

With manual coding, we are able to provide functionality tailored exactly to only what you need.

If you're on fair and decent network, just do a page reload and see how quick this webpage loads.


Actually Working SEO

Often, marketing companies would promise to make your website appearing at first page of Google Search. But in the end it only works when you're searching for a niche keyword.

Our works focus on actual details of SEO implementation, even without enforcing any white hat or black hat strategy, some of our site already appeared at first page by searching only very general keyword.


Quick, Modern & Clean

Our works are guaranteed responsive and mobile friendly. We aim to reduce complexity in design and deliver only meaningful contents.

We only use modern and secured frameworks, so your user would never have to wait for a page load, while browsing securely.

Host your website with us to enjoy blazing fast server and properly secured data transmissions.

What we do

We are able to deliver almost any kind of small to medium website/software. And our service doesn't stops here, if you're a small team starting up new business, we can also introduce you freebies around the net, such as email hosting, or live chat plugin.

Business Profile

We create basic website to tell the world what your business is, and how to contact you.

Cloud System

Build a web system with database to store client data, or to manage business process.


Start selling your products and receive payments from users around world.

Desktop System

Make something that doesn't requires internet, manage data within PC.

Freebies on the House

Something to show our gratitude

By signing up any web project with us, we may also include a number of features below, free of charge.


2 years of .com or domain, or any equivalent domain package within RM150.00. Free setup.



It is crucial to have SSL installed in order to boost SEO ranking, we provide 2 years of HTTPS Certificate. Free setup.



We are happy to host your web with our shared server on Amazon for free, as long as your hit rate is less than 100 visitors per day, and the package is less than 100MB in total.



Mailbox with your specific domain would be essential for communications. Zoho provides forever free tier with 5 users limitation. We could provide this setup for free, if you're interested.


We care about you, and your users' safety.

Data security is one of the main concern when it comes to putting your system on the web.
We periodically check and make sure our HTTPS is graded with exceptional configuration, enjoy this free of charge by hosting your web with us.

Let's have a coffee and talk

If you would like to arrange for meet up, fill in the time below, otherwise you can just leave it as it is.