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The Outcome.

We have just started in 2019, while we may not have a great profile yet, we strive to provide the best service
and 100% of our effort in making your site perfect!

One Page WebsiteBusiness Profile


A sofa upholstery website. Gallery design to showcase all their works, because picture says it all.

Business Profile

HR Company

For NDA reason we can't name the company, here's a site for human resource company.

Business Profile


Website for SMS solution company, describing services such as Web SMS or SMS API.

One Page WebsiteBusiness Profile


A website built to market insurance agent system

Business Profile

Dentists Co

A website about dentistry business, describing all the cosmetic or professional services offered and at the same time allowing users to make appointments.

Web System

ESMS User Portal

A web portal that allows user to configure contacts, and blast SMS through it, various reports available. Also supports API call.

Web System


Track multi level earning performance, with various reports to show monthly progress. Keep track of all transactions, in and out.

Web SystemE-Commerce


With motor detariffication, this website helps you to compare among different insurers and let you choose the best quote.

Web SystemE-Commerce


Membership portal to replace physical year book. Records member details and capable to sell merchandises online.

Web SystemE-Commerce


An e-commerce site that showcase in house products. Sell your product and receive money via payment gateways.

Web System


A transactions recording web portal. Used to record payments made by customer and calculate future rewards.

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